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    S U P P O R T

Argo Development Systems Support Department.

The ADS Support Department has over 25 combined years of experience in providing the highest level of customer support available. All support engineers are experts with all ADS applications and most are certified Microsoft application or network engineers.

Hours of support are 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Central Standard Time (CST), Monday through Friday. Calls or emails for support after 6:00 pm or on Saturday or Sunday will be handled the next business day.

ADS support plans are priced as follows:

Rent-Ware Windows

Single User, Single Site: $150.00 per Quarter or $500.00 annually
Network, Single Site:$220.00 per Quarter or $700.00 annually
Additional sites:$70.00 per Quarter or $220.00 annually
Per Minute (no contract)$3.00 with a 15 minute minimum (Credit card required)

Support is provided to customers in several different ways:

1. Telephone support - for immediate and/or major problems. (application outage, printers issues, or system access failures)

2. Instant Messaging - customers may send instant messages through ICQ, AIM or MSN Messenger.

3. Email to support@winrent.com

4. For our Rent-Ware Windows Web customers, remote access to the customer's application is used to speed problem resolution and provide application-training if needed.

5. Coming Soon Online "chat" forum.

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to ALL support plans.

Response Time: Our goal is to respond to support questions within one business day, and in practice our responses have generally been much faster than this. Based on number of customers in queue, we cannot promise or guarantee any specific response time.

  • Problem Resolution: ADS will attempt to resolve your problem or answer your question using our standard support procedures. The wide ranges of possible environments in which our products are used and the amount of information you provide us affect our efforts to assist you. As a result, we cannot guarantee that we will resolve your problem only that we will review it and provide you with any information or suggestions we believe will be useful. While we always welcome your input, the final determination of whether a problem should be resolved by providing information to you about how to use the product to meet your needs, by modifying our product to address a problem, by suggesting a workaround, by adjusting the documentation, or by some other method, is solely up to us. We also reserve the right to close a support issue at our discretion if in our judgment we cannot provide any additional useful information despite repeated attempts.
  • Bug Fixes: If we find a bug or documentation error in one of our products in the course of resolving your problem we will address it as part of our normal maintenance procedures. We do not provide bug fixes to individual customers for specific problems.
  • Problems in ADS Applications, Rent-Ware Windows Client, Rent-Ware Windows Web or the Insurance Connection Online product: When you report a problem to us we will work with you to determine if, in our best judgment, the problem is related to our product or to another company's software or hardware, or to another computer. If we determine that the problem is not with our product then we will not be able to assist you further to resolve it, except to the extent that we may be able to suggest how to use our product's features to work around the other product's limitations. If the problem appears to be a conflict with another specific product and you have a support contact for that product, we will attempt to work with the other manufacturer to resolve the issue if in our judgment they are responsive to us.
  • Requests for Information and Testing: In order to understand your question or problem, we may need additional information from you. If this information is not provided responsively and in a timely fashion, we may not be able to assist you further. We may also ask you to perform tests or other experiments. While we will do our best to make these non-destructive, we cannot know the conditions on your system. It is up to you to review the instructions you receive, ask clarifying questions if necessary, keep backup copies of all programs and data, and verify that the tests or experiments we request or the solutions we offer will not cause problems in your environment.
  • Products: These plans apply only to products created and published by Argo Development Systems, Inc. They do not apply to products of other companies, which Argo Development Systems, Inc. sells or resells. In addition, Extended Support is not available for "legacy" products to which we are no longer adding major new features (Accelerent).
  • Upgrade Types: Our products are upgraded through maintenance releases designed to fix minor problems or improve compatibility, and major upgrades, which contain enhancements and additional features. A release is designated as a maintenance release or major upgrade at our discretion.
  • Instant Messaging and Email Access: The electronic resources you use to connect to our support staff (ICQ, MSN Messenger, AIM, email boxes, etc.) are hosted by third parties and are not fully under our control. While we work with our third party providers to keep these resources available to you, their availability and our ability to access them in order to respond to you are not guaranteed.

The following terms and conditions apply all levels of Support:
  • Plan Term and Renewals: Support is purchased on a quarterly or annual basis. Service begins the day ADS charges your credit card or invoices you for the support plan, and terminates the previous day of the quarter/year, one quarter/year later. For example, if your order is processed on September 5, 2005 then your plan year ends on September 4, 2006, unless the plan is renewed prior to that date. At Argo Development Systems, Inc.'s discretion, renewal rates may change without out prior notice.

Email and Telephone Support: You may request Support via instant messaging, email or telephone. In most cases telephone is the preferred method and will give you the fastest response time. If you leave a voice message, please give us your name, company name, return phone number and a short description of the reason for your call.

The following disclaimers and limitations apply to all support plans:

DISCLAIMER: We disclaim any and all warranties for all support provided under any of our support plans, express or implied, including any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. You assume full responsibility for the implementation of any suggestions you receive from us, for the results thereof, for keeping backup copies of all programs and data, and for the safe conduct of any tests we request on your system.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: In no event shall we be liable, in connection with any support, software, or other materials or services offered or provided to you under any support plan, for: (a) any incidental, consequential, or punitive damages whatsoever; or (b) for any amount in excess of the most recent annual fee you have paid us for your support plan, if any, over and above the purchase or upgrade price of your software.

Support Plans Subject to Change: All terms of, rates for, and services provided under any support plan may be changed at any time by Argo Development Systems, Inc. at our sole discretion, and are not guaranteed, and any plan may be eliminated or discontinued at any time at our discretion. However, we will not discontinue or change the terms or services for support plans for which you have paid an annual fee except at renewal time, or when, in our best judgment, the new terms and services are equal to or better than the previos terms and services.

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