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Quick Books interface in Rent-Ware Windows
  1. Set up accounts in QuickBooks. RWW needs three accounts: (1) for 'overall balance'. This account will hold the company balance, it should be Bank type account. (2) 'Income' or 'Other Income' type, to reflect company income from car rental. (3) 'Expense' or 'Other Expense' type, to hold company expenses.

  2. Export Account Chart from QuickBooks. In the 2002 version this can be done using 'File/Utilities/Export'. Check 'Chart of Accounts' here, and press OK. QuickBooks will ask you for export file name. Specify any name you want. For example; AcntChart.IIF. This file will be imported to RWW.

  3. Run RWW, and sign on with the Administers login.

  4. Open 'Export payments to QuickBooks Menu' (7.2.8)

  5. There will be three-tab dialog. Use the 'Accounts' tab. Press 'Import accounts' button here. RWW will ask for exported Accounts Chart-specify file from (step 2) example; AcntChart.IIF. RWW will import accounts from that chart.

  6. RWW will also fill three combo-boxes, 'Balance account', 'Income account' and 'Expense account', with name of accounts of relative type; i.e., 'Bank' type accounts will be sent to 'Balance account', combo, 'Income' and 'Other Income' to 'Income account', and 'Expense' and 'Other Expense' to 'Expense Accounts'. Select needed account in each combo, or let RWW select automatically during import. These accounts will now be used for export.

  7. Go to the 'Export' tab. This is a simple interface which will allow you to export payments, (both payments and deposits). You can select date period, and/or rental types, for payments to be exported. Or you can uncheck both date and type filters, and RWW will export all payments which have not already been exported. (NOTE; payments will not be exported twice)

  8. Press 'Export now' to export payments. Progress bar will appear to indicate process state.

  9. On the 'Previous exports' tab, you will be able to see list of previous exports with indication of how many payments where exported each time.


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